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Prayer Requests

Physical and Emotional Needs Family Ministry

Good health, safety especially during travel.


Strong financial and intercessory support.


Housing, schooling, and transportation needs.


Pray preventative prayers, for deliverance from danger, sickness, discouragement, depression, & hindrances of various kinds.

A strong Christ-like and exemplary marriage and family life.


Children's needs - Growth in spiritual, physical, emotional, & Education, godly friends, mates that love God and are completely sold out to Him etc.


Security in Christ's grace and identity.


Proper balance of priorities, quality time together.


All would participate in and feel a part of the ministry.

A mighty work of the Holy Spirit in the nation's hearts.


*Effective communication, boldness, favor, and sensitivity.


*Open doors and open hearts in the countries we serve in


*Wisdom in use of time, resources, energy.


*Lasting fruit that would produce fruit.


*Good cooperation, accountability,relationships with Nationals and team members.

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